We are building a global network of brand practitioners

to help you build resilience into your organisation and thrive

There has been more change in the past year than in the entire past decade.


The way brands engage and interact with consumers has been steadily evolving. Now, the pace has quickened. We know that change can bring challenge and uncertainty, but it also brings opportunity. We are striving to help brands change the way they interact with their consumers for the better.

Powering brands with MAI Humans

We are providing modern sales training techniques and sales services to our clients to help them navigate uncertainty and remain dynamic in a rapidly changing world.


We know that an organisation’s true asset is their workforce. This is why we have made it our passion to train specialist sales practitioners to use the latest resources, data and sales techniques. With these skills and resources at their fingertips, our practitioners are making the bionic workforce a reality today.


We deliver:

  • Data in evidence
  • Sales process orientation and automation
  • Practitioner excellence skills and techniques



Interested in applying to train as a sales excellence practitioner? Get in touch and apply today. No previous sales experience necessary, industry experience preferred.


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The workplace is changing...

The workplace is changing, and this change has accelerated in recent months. The pandemic of 2020 has strained and challenged countless businesses, but it has also shown that organisations can quickly adapt especially with the right technology and skillsets to hand.


Powering digitally-connected experiences between people is quickly becoming the new norm. Sustaining these connected experiences is crucial for businesses to thrive in changing work and consumer environments.


We believe that a connected workforce still requires firm leadership, focus and drive, and we build this into our training. We are striving to help businesses embrace the new work normal by making day-to-day task management accessible, straightforward and highly productive.

Our passion is your success

We provide the right technologies to our clients to equip their sales staff with the skillset to drive modern sales experiences.


Our training combines sales leadership with the latest technology assets to deliver continual sales excellence. By focusing on the core values of intelligence, integrity and innovation, we are propelling the future of work forwards. Additional training is provided by our partner, Kensei to give our sales practitioners the edge in sustaining revenue excellence. The result, a simplified seller journey with a human-led sales experience.


We are auspiciously launching a new era of sales practitioners guided by advanced market intelligence that increases commercial value.


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